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HOMETOWN: Lindenhurst, NY

I'm coming for you Fontana, CA!  King of the Kash II...are you ready!!??

It's the West Coast Street Outlaws!

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Terms and Conditions:

GENERAL RELEASE - I agree to appear on The LIMO Guy At-Large TV Show and fully release my image (and the images of the participants in my event (if applicable)) and discussion material to The LIMO Guy At-Large (on ALL Media Outlets listed and not listed).  I do so knowingly, without duress and any reservation – I am of sound mind and body and not a minor in need of parental supervision or authorization.  Parents of minors will sign below and indicate the name of the child and relationship to the minor.

OWNERS/ORGANIZERS/PROMOTERS/BAND & BAND MANAGERS – Event Organizers, Business Owners or Band Managers/Members assure the songs are originals and release all synchronization rights to the songs played.  Also, by having The LIMO Guy At-LARGE, you imply that, Entity Owners, Band Managers and Organizers, also ensure all songs played have been settled with royalty houses, such as BMI, ASCAP and others listed and not listed. Organizers, Establishment Owners and Band Members/managers CERTIFY they hold the adequate levels of General Liability Insurance (required by law) and release The LIMO GUY AT-LARGE, and all sponsors/advertisers, from any personal/general liability any errors/omissions in the editing process, should any occur, or another event happens. By having The LIMO Guy At-lARGE present, you grant your permission to tape footage, and air content/video from your facility/location (no rights reserved). By having The LIMO Guy At-LARGE present, you certify that all Local, State and Federal rules, regulations have been taken into consideration and complied with. By having The LIMO Guy At-LARGE present, you release any/all sponsors of lawsuits – you and your guests/participants will hold them harmless, should a claim arise.

HOLD HARMLESS – By having The LIMO Guy At-LARGE (Scott Soucy), event organizers release The LIMO Guy, Jimmy Biggs TV (PB&C Agency, Inc) and all heirs and estate holders, should any claim arise, during or in the future after taping has taken place. If BP&C (Jimmy Biggs) fails to participate in this agreement/event, this agreement is void - The LIMO Guy At-Large will not be able to participate.  This project is contingent on Jimmy Biggs full participation and cooperation and delivery dates of materials can be delayed due to increased work loads. 

SPONSOR ACQUISITION – The LIMO Guy At-Large will obtain sponsors for this event coverage, which will help us defray the high cost of video production and distribution.  By signing below, you acknowledge our intent to seek sponsorship/advertising dollars outside of your organization to help defray the cost of video production.

Thank you SPONSORS!!

Secure Transport, LLC - Visit for more information (contact Secure Transport for Limousine Service).

Dietary Directions, Inc. - Visit for more information (they have helped me lose over 40-pounds).

Cheetah Landscaping and Tree Service - Visit to schedule your landscaping and tree service needs. Mention "LIMO GUY" to receive a free quote. 

MOT Roofing, LLC - Visit for more information on how Lisa can assist you, with your roofing needs (mention "LIMOGUY10"  for all of the details on a special promotion just for my LIMO GUY Network).

SC Associates - Visit for more information on how Sharron and her team can assist you with your tax and

bookkeeping needs.

Splash! DesignWorks - Visit for more information on how Mike, and his team, can help you with your design needs.  Thanks Splash! DesignWorks, for coming on as a 39th Annual JUNE JAM sponsor.

Sonny's Racing Engines - Visit for more information on how Sonny, and his team, can generate power for a wide variety of racing needs.

Bryant Industrial Crane & Rigging - Visit for more information on how these folks can assist, with your big lift. Serving the Mid-Atlantic Region, of the United States, inquire about potential service in your state.

Olson Paint & Body - Visit for more information on how they can help, with your vehicle. Serving Peru, Indiana, since 1984.  


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