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I love touring the United States, introducing you to the amazing people that make our Nation GREAT!!!  From Delaware, to your home town…we are coming to showcase all of the positive goings on in America…starting with the great State of Delaware!! Join me as we document life achievements and the amazing people breaking down the barriers to SUCCESS! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: The LIMO Guy At-LARGE. Follow me on Facebook: The Limo Guy At-Large and Instagram:@limoguy. #theLIMOguyatLARGE #theACCESSyouNEED #theACCESSyouWANT Email me, at to schedule your event or learn how to purchase a t-shirt. Please join our LIMOGUY Shirts For A Cause Program - email me for the details. I love getting you "The ACCESS you NEED" / "The ACCESS you WANT" to every type of situation. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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 Background Picture: It's John DeFlorian (Quickest Real Pro Stock Driver) the PDRA!!  

 Visitwww.PDRA660.comfor more information! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Terms and Conditions:

Amazon Associate - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

GENERAL RELEASE - I agree to appear on The LIMO Guy At-Large TV Show and fully release my image (and the images of the participants in my event (if applicable)) and discussion material to The LIMO Guy At-Large (on ALL Media Outlets listed and not listed).  I do so knowingly, without duress and any reservation – I am of sound mind and body and not a minor in need of parental supervision or authorization.  Parents are required to appear with minors. My opinions are mine - not The LIMO Guy At-LARGE.

OWNERS/ORGANIZERS/PROMOTERS/BAND & BAND MANAGERS – Event Organizers, Business Owners or Band Managers/Members assure the songs are originals and release all synchronization rights to the songs played.  Also, by having The LIMO Guy At-LARGE, you imply that, Entity Owners, Band Managers and Organizers, also ensure all songs played have been settled with royalty houses, such as BMI, ASCAP and others listed and not listed. Organizers, Establishment Owners and Band Members/managers CERTIFY they hold the adequate levels of General Liability Insurance (required by law) and release The LIMO GUY AT-LARGE, and all sponsors/advertisers, from any personal/general liability any errors/omissions in the editing process, should any occur, or if other event(s) happens. By having The LIMO Guy At-LARGE present, you grant your permission to tape footage, and air content/video from your facility/location (no rights reserved). By having The LIMO Guy At-LARGE present, you certify that all Local, State and Federal rules, regulations have been taken into consideration and complied with. By having The LIMO Guy At-LARGE present, you release any/all sponsors of lawsuits – you and your guests/participants will hold them harmless, should a claim arise.

HOLD HARMLESS – By having The LIMO Guy At-LARGE (Scott Soucy), event organizers release The LIMO Guy and all heirs and estate holders, should any claim arise during, or in the future, after taping has taken place. 

SPONSOR ACQUISITION – The LIMO Guy At-Large will obtain sponsors for this event coverage, which will help us defray the high cost of video production and distribution.  By granting The LIMO Guy At-LARGE, permission to appear, you acknowledge our intent to seek sponsorship/advertising dollars outside of your organization to help defray the cost of video production.

APPEARANCE FEES/DEPOSITS - THE LIMO GUY AT-LARGE Appearance Fees and Deposits are non-refundable.

ACCOUNT STATUS - Only current accounts will have their advertisements placed in video productions, or appear on the web page as an advertiser/sponsor.  Please maintain your advertising/sponsorship accounts.


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